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Yin Yoga:
"I've been doing yoga with Aleea for a year now pretty consistently and I noticed very quickly my recovery time for my muscles is next to none which surprised me with the amount of workouts I do. When I first started it I didn't know what to think but I soon realised it wasn't the yoga I necessary thought I wanted, it was the yoga my body and soul needed. I realised straight away if I couldn't get to class, something was missing" ~ R.Y 
"Having a yoga session with Aleea on my wedding day was the perfect way to relax. The session was perfect and was enjoyed by all the girls. If you are looking at planning wedding activities this is something I would recommend" ~ J.G
"Absolutely the best one on one sessions i have to break up my stressful days. A talented women and very professional" ~ B.J
" I met Aleea over 18 months ago when I started going to yoga. I tried to go every single week. Yoga has changed my life. My health my well being and my flexibility. But mostly it's Aleea herself who made the biggest impact on my life, especially recently. This lady is incredible." ~ C.S
Vinyasa Yoga:
"I just love how comfortable Aleea makes everyone feel, there is no judgement and plenty of options for every body to participate" ~ T.D
"Amazing! So knowledgeable, welcoming and happy to make changes for individuals. I really appreciate that being pregnant." ~ S.G
"I had such a blast. Thank you to the Martial Arts School for letting me use their space and giving us a Tai Chi lesson, and Toni for coming in and surprising everyone with a music circle. I want to encourage everyone to attend a Yoga Bhava mini retreat. Beautiful venue, fresh fruit to snack on, and a range of calming, inspiring activities. Aleea’s Yin Yoga was perfect for both beginner and experienced yogis: a gentle, holding practice that leaves no option but to stay in the present moment with the body and the breath. I loved the introduction to Tai Chi, and Aleea’s hula hooping lesson was great fun outside on the grass in a lovely natural environment. I hadn’t hula hooped since I was a kid (around 60 years ago!!) and I was thrilled to get it going around waist, neck, and arms. I think I’m hooked. This was followed by a soothing relaxation session, and a surprise drumming event led by Toni, whose insightful and inclusive guidance finished the day perfectly. While the mini-retreat only ran for 3.5 hours, it felt so wholesome, holistic, and nurturing that I was surprised how much we did and how smoothly the time flowed. Just like yoga." ~ J.H
Retirement Village Classes:

"I have been attending yoga classes with Aleea for nearly 12 months and I just love it!  It’s the one commitment I hate to miss. Aleea is very knowledgeable, which is extremely important for such a class, and makes sure everyone is doing the exercises properly.  If you need assistance she’s there for you without hesitation. We’re a group of retirees but I’ve no doubt Aleea is equally as attentive no matter what the age group of her classes. Keep up the good work Aleea." ~ J.B

"Thank you for showing me how yoga for oldies can happen, and be beneficial.  Due to my bilateral total knee replacements I cannot kneel a massive no no. When I watched what you were offering, I thought, not for me. After discussing with my friends that were attending I decided to attend and try get up and off the floor and to my amazement, I did. Where there is a will there is a way. I enjoy the stretching, relaxation and the amazing feeling after. Thank you, very much appreciated." ~ H.G 

"Thank you so much for your time and teaching me yoga. I come away feeling totally relaxed and can feel the benefit from the stretches." ~ D.L

Children's Yoga:
"My three daughters attend the yoga for kids run by Aleea and absolutely love it. Aleea is a great with kids and they respond realy well to her. They love the stretches she teaches them and like to try them at home too." ~ K.F
"My three children have attended the class with Aleea when we can and when they wish for around a year now. The minute one of my daughters met Aleea at a hooping event I knew she was supposed to be in her life. Clovelly was having monthly infusions at the time and was unable to do high impact exercise. Hooping and kids yoga with Aleea bought a smile back to her face and confidence I never knew she had. The kids look forward to it every week." ~ K.L.L