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"Had the most amazing experience last night. I thought I wasn't going to be able to do this and was thinking I would inevitably pull out at the last second. I didn't think about it all day yesterday and just drove there like it was any other yoga class so I got in the door before my nerves got the better of me.

The conversation with the other girls was genuine with no judgement and put me at ease. When the room darkened and it was time to get nude I was already comfortable and the clothes came off with no hesitation. First couple of poses I was a little apprehensive but that very quickly dissipated. Hearing Aleea's thoughts on body positivity while we laid in our poses led to a lot of thoughts running through my head of my 25 years of body issues. Then it just occurred to me. Laying there in supported bridge pose with my belly on display, I would usually fell very uncomfortable, but I didn't. I felt completely at ease. I rested my hands on my ribs and felt my bare skin. I thought to myself, my body is a vessel, my body is not me. My body is here to carry me through life but it is not who I am. I am not the big girl, I am not my big belly, I am Ellen, I am a person with individual thoughts, feelings, aspirations and dreams. It was a profound feeling and I am so grateful I actually went through with the experience. It's something I'll definitely do again, think I may even start doing it at home. Then this morning I saw this picture and my mind was immediately full of thoughts of how horrible I looked. Body positivity is hard. It's not going to change for me overnight. Undoing 25 years of hating your body is going to take a lot of work. I just need to keep reminding myself to listen the positive thoughts I was having last night and ignore the thoughts I was having this morning. Even so, I still feel positive for the future, I'm not there yet but I'm on the right path. Thank you Aleea"~ E.G


"A safe circle where you literally bare all and everyone just accepts every part of you in a way they can't when you're clothed. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin as I have when i'm brought together by Aleea's passion for connecting us all, to ourselves and to each other. It's a good space to relax and reflect, it's not just brave to participate, I find it necessary for my own self love and sanity." ~ C.N.L


"I really loved last night, I've just moved to town and haven't yet found my tribe of women. Last night was amazing and for the first time since moving I didn't feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I've booked in for the next class already" ~ J.B


"Thank you what an amazing, empowering yoga session where we were all able to relax and support each other. Such a beautiful evening, I can't wait for the next one" ~ R.L


"My experience last night at naked yoga was a liberating one to say the least, I felt super comfortable in my own skin, and it was a space I felt very safe ub, I will be coming back." ~ E.B

"Not going to lie, was a little bit terrified at first. After seeing how comfortable you made me and everyone else feel, dispelled any fears I had. When is the next class? Because I'd definitely be interested in attending more, it felt so good to let go of any attachments and labels I had to my body that night. So thank you so much!" ~ C.S


"Thank you for such a great experience. I admit I was nervous about coming to a nude yoga class and it was definitely a first for me. I quickly realised that most of the things I had felt self conscious about weren't an issue as the room was dimly lit and the poses were modest. I was able to focus on my own relaxation and enjoy the class. There is something very freeing about being nude. I'm sure a lot of women can identify with the struggle to accept the way our bodies change as we go through different stages of our lives like puberty, parenthood and ageing and I felt like it was a perfect opportunity to check in with myself and choose to accept the stage that I'm at and let go of the need to hide it. What I loved most about the experience was that I left feeling a sense of community and acceptance with the other women in the class, even though most of us had only met that night. Much love" ~ C.B