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The Nudity Stigma

One of the reasons behind these classes is to break the stigma around nudity. It is perfectly natural to be naked, it is healing, vulnerability, liberation and freedom. Too many ladies feel pressure to put on makeup, to look a certain way or to be a particular size. Too many females hate their bodies or a certain part of their body. Too many females have suffered or suffer from bulimia, anorexia and cutting themselves because they don't look tan enough, or small enough or ‘pretty’ enough. As a broad generalisation males do not suffer this as much. Males do not have the pressure from the outside world like a female does, to put on makeup, to be hairless, to have particular sized breasts or to look a certain way, so she is liked, so she doesn’t get ridiculed or teased. Too many ladies feel ashamed of themselves, for just trying to live their lives.

And I’m here to tell you, fuck that!

Nude yoga class or not, I've never said you have to attend this class to learn to love yourself that little bit more. Nudity will empower some, modesty will empower others.

This event going viral is proof (and thank you to the friends that clicked interested and shared the event further) that the female body is far too over sexualised. The female body is not a piece of fucking meat. How is it ok that a female can grow another human being, can produce food and keep another being alive, seen as disgusting or gross?

Why is ok for men to not wear a shirt? Males have boobs and nipples as well, yet it is taboo for a female to show hers? I know it’s programmed into males, I know it’s male instinct, I know it is what it is, when it comes to wearing clothes in public. There needs to be a certain level of respect, but it’s been programmed into females to hate themselves while the male instinct is being ‘amplified’ because of big marketing corporations and the porn industry, it keeps them in business.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t constantly try to work on yourself. But if you want to change any part of your body, that is entirely up to you. I’ve been there myself and I just want others to make sure they are doing it for the correct reasons.  For example changing a part of your body to gain personal confidence. Knowing that you could gain that confidence with or without the change, and then doing it for no one else but yourself. Realising that it doesn't alter who you are as a person.

Thank you to all of the males who have clicked into this, shared, liked and commented, you have helped plenty of ladies to see this event. Loads of women around the country have seen this and are now empowered and have messaged me wanting to get to a class or to find another nude yoga teacher near them.

Stretch marks, cellulite, saggy boobs or a flat bum. Learn to accept your perfect imperfections and be your fucking god damn beautiful self. We get one life, one body. Do you really want to spend this life hating it or feeling ashamed for being who you are?

Catch ya on the nude side