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The Naked Me

Me, no filter, no makeup, no beauty camera. Nothing. The naked me.


I personally, would like people to be shocked when I put my make up on rather then when I take it off. Makeup should be classed as art. Your face is a canvas and it should be treated like you are doing art when you put your makeup on. You don’t put your face on when you apply makeup, you have a face already, before you put the product on your face, which is there already.


I go through my phases, especially when I worked in the corporate world, sometimes nothing beats the feeling of applying lipstick, you know the red one. If it helps you get through the day, so be it.


But fuck it’s hard work, for me anyway. I think everyone I know has seen me without makeup on, at least once. Someone once told me that if your soul is your eyes, your eyebrows are the bridge from your soul to your brain. So yes, it definitely does feel good to put makeup on, it highlights the beauty that is already there, strengthening the bridge, outlining the soul. But it shouldn’t be an obligation, you are under no pressure to put makeup on for anyone, for your work, for a boy, for no one at all. Society has lead us to believe as woman that we only look beautiful when we have a full face of makeup on, remembering most of these photos in magazines are photoshopped even after 5 layers of foundation and have brilliant lighting etc. There is loads of money in the beauty industry, they pry on potential insecure girls/ladies they have amazing marketing techniques and spend a shit load of money to produce this marketing.


Girls are putting makeup on so young these days. Everyone is starting to look the same, it's scary. Our skin is our biggest organ, look after it. Make sure you buy good quality, chemical free body wash, good quality products that you are attaching to your body. Wash your face daily, dry brush your skin before you shower whenever you can. Send love to your skin as you wash it, instead of thinking about what you have to do after you have had a shower or after you wash your hands, be in the moment, take it all in for a second. You don't want to look back and wish you looked after your skin better when the years have gone by.


Point is, you do you, obviously, but never forget that you’re beautiful without makeup. You are uniquely you. Perfect imperfectly you. As long as you are aware of that. Always. Be who you were before society made you into something you aren't. At least sometimes anyway.