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Question Everything

How come sometimes when people share something that makes you question and think about our current society and about the paradox of these times, when someone shares something that is out for the norm, people carry on and think you're crazy.

God forbid someone shares an article that makes you question your current reality or on how many chemicals are in some of our food and fruit and vege, an option to help deal with depression and people get offended or think it's a lie. It's ok for a group of drunk males to take a photo of themselves with there butts out pretending to piss on a fence and that is totally acceptable, but put up a nude photo of a group of ladies and they get classed as inappropriate.

Why have people become accustomed to share something containing blood and violence, and believe everything that comes out of koshies arsehole. But something about mindfulness, astrology, a diet option, something about protecting animals or information about veganism, a conspiracy theory or an empowering video and that is annoying to some.

O but hay, at least we will never forget when fucking Kim Kardashian's children have a birthday and what they get up to and how much money they spend on their daily lives.