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N U D E Y O G A 🕉
Never, ever did I ever think I would hold a class like this.
That is, until recently.
This is about empowering women to love themselves for who they are and be comfortable in their own skin.
This will be a customised, dimly lit, judgement free and appropriately run class❣

Firstly, I want to thank the beauties around me that have encouraged, inspired and motivated me to actually make the leap and go ahead with this, you know who you all are 💙

If you are keen to step outside of your comfort zone and be apart of an epic movement, which is booming in plenty of other cities. Looking for something liberating & empowering to do, come along, embrace your feminininity.

At some point in society it become more acceptable for people to be ok with looking at blood and violence, but we get weird and uncomfortable when it comes to naked bodies and our very own skin, ladies cannot even breast feed and keep a child alive in public these days without others getting squeamish.
Then the issue that has been created that there is a perfect body, that a specific body size is perfect, when it is not the case, and from there insecurities are formed.

Last night there were 12 beautiful women,12 ladies, different sizes, differing beliefs and opinions, a diverse range of nationalities, all coming together for a nude yoga class. Taking a moment to embrace our perfect imperfections. Taking a moment or two to just be and appreciate who we are.
What sort of a world will we live in if the young females around us continually hear the complaints we have about ourselves. Talking to family, partners and friends about all the things we wish were different about our bodies, what sort of image does this paint for our future future generations, what will it turn into and look like if we constantly keep feeding things that we think are the negatives of our bodies​? What sort of thought pattern does this then put onto the young males we are raising and that are around us about beauty standards and the expectations of females? The more love and respect we have for ourselves, the more it overflows to everyone around us.
I'm definitely not saying that you don't love yourself unless you have the 'courage' to attend a nude yoga class. Not saying I have the answers or am perfect or that we cannot set goals for ourselves. This is one thing, one option, implementing a shift and breaking the norm to help woman including myself, accept the bodies we have been gifted.
We have been manipulated by various marketing techniques and big corporations to think that you need something to make you look 'better' or something to make you look a particular way, to make you feel like you cannot live without it unless purchased. Making you strive for a sense of perfection that isn't even real.
Very grateful for every females attendance to these classes. Stay beautiful. 💙 ☮ 🕉 ☯