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Males and Yoga

Attention humans, preferably of the male species.
As we are all aware there is a lot of promoting that goes around regarding male suicide, 8 ball status, the selfies etc, we all know the statistics. We have all lost someone to it, or know someone that has been effected by it.
For some reason it has been programmed into society that males are not aloud to feel emotions, that it is a sign of weakness to talk, cry, express how you are actually feeling. I am not a doctor or a psychologist but i do have a tool. One of many tools I will add, that could possibly help. The statistics and scientific research that proves how the consistent practice of yoga, mediation, mindfulness can help ease our monkey minds, lower stress and depression levels.
I'm not saying this will take away your problems, but it might help you deal with the problems. Stress from running a business, work stresses, financial pressure, not dealing with being a single parent, not dealing with a relationship ending, loss of a loved one even, what ever it is. No I'm not saying this is the only way, I'm saying if you have been doing the same thing (eg years of medication, years of being in a low, the list could go on) and nothing has changed or improved maybe it is time to try something new. If you are sick of feeling the same old same old then take a step and branch out of the comfort zone.
Everyone has lows, it just doesn't get advertised as much on social media, no one sits on a constant high like it might look like on their online page, some people have even just trained themselves to ride the lulls. We all feel emotions differently. Please try yoga/meditation, it is not only for females, get to your nearest, local yoga class/gym/studio.
Tell who ever you think is judging you that you are going to the pub, I don't care what you say, just try it. And then try it again. Things work differently for different people and this could be what you are looking for. If you have tried it before and weren't a fan, try another instructor, because we all teach differently.
Free apps are Smiling Mind and 1 Giant Mind, they gradually teach you how to silence your brain and the overthinking that comes with it.