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Just in case someone is acting irreplaceable. Soul mate lovin'


To the cheeky soul mate that gave me that beautiful smile at the grocery store that one time. Thank you.

To the funny soul mate that I met at the casino, the married one, where we spent hours just talking, the one that made me laugh so much. Thank you.

To the sweet soul mate that took care of me when I was sick and broken, the one that set the bar. Thank you.

To the sarcastic soul mate that takes me on adventures and food trips all the time. Constantly cracking me up. Thank you.

The stunning soul mate that sat on the floor with me that one time drinking juice, just listening, always listening. Thank you.

To the adventurous soul mate that found my dog for me that time when it went missing. Thank you.

To the charismatic soul mate, the one with the hair. Don’t ever change. Thank you.

To the mischievous soul mate that flew me half way across the country that one time, just to say hello. Thank you.  

To the carefree soul mate, the shy one, the one that will always be my friend. Thank you.

To the intelligent soul mate that got drunk with me and we watched circus animals at the park at midnight. The one that gave me the greatest gift. Thank you.

To the traveling soul mate that took me in that really really fast car that did laps around my head. Thank you.

To the reserved soul mate that my parents were obsessed with more than I was. Thank you.

To the adorable soul mate that I met at that festival that one time, the one that never did take me on the ferris wheel. Thank you.

To the beautiful soul mate that delivers me chocolate to make me feel better, on more than one occasion. Thank you.

To the charming soul mate that took my breath away by buying me that bottle of red that night, even though I was designated driver. Thank you.

Let’s take a moment to pay respect to the soul mates that we choose nothing to happen with, or that nothing can happen with, to the soul mates that shook us to our absolute core to strengthen us. I believe soul mates can be lovers or friends, any age and gender. It is said that soul mates can be for a reason, season, or for a lifetime. That soul mates reflect back to us our own soul, our deepest insecurities and flaws, but also while showing us our true beauty uniqueness and strengths, sent to challenge us and awaken us. I won't even try and get into twin flames right now, that is another story and something you can look up yourself for now.

Sometimes the most intoxicating thing we can do as humans is share a moment of time with another person. That is what it is about, that is why we are here. It’s what takes our breathe away, in that moment and moments is what we hold onto. Take me back to the time we met. You know the time, when you were least expecting it, and it’s always the random lost souls, the ones that impact you and then everything. Changes.

All I know is that, I'm thankful and I do not regret a single moment. To be honest there are probably more encounters that I could say. Just for the record these experiences have happened over many many years. Of course there will always be apart of me that wishes that some of these fleeting moments had different endings. I know I have attracted exactly what I have needed, wanted and deserved with each different experience in my life, whether I knew it at the time or not. You can't break up with a soul mate, it is what it is and not all connections are meant to be romantic or 'forever’.

I know each and everyone of us has a purpose, that humans pop into each others lives for a reason. For me, on my end, only a couple of these encounters were soul shattering, time stopping, earth moving, cannot think, cannot breathe experiences. I respect each and everyone's journey to much though to hold anything other than love and happiness when my brain triggers a memory of them back to me. Because if I wasn’t thankful, something might have happened where I wouldn’t have seen the next person, and if I hadn’t have met the next person, I wouldn’t be this person I am today. Some of these people I still have in my life, others I knew for years, months, met once or twice. Time and how long each lasted, is not important. You know what does matter, is how much healing and growth happens with each person, how much you keep your walls down each time.

Thank you to everyone, for the friendships, for the love, for teaching me, for the laughs, for the lessons. Thank you to the people who unfriending and befriending me, for believing in me and for hating me, for the strength. Thank you!

I definitely wouldn’t have said thank you enough. Thank you for the memories and the time spent together. But most of all, I am thankful for glimpses every human let me have into their soul.


“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” - Elizabeth Gilbert