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How I want to me loved


I want to not only share endless kisses,

I want to share breathe.

I want to share the secrets of my soul.

As much as I want you to be comfortable enough to tell me everything and anything,

Tell me all the little things.

I will appreciate everything that you do for me.

I want it to be hard love,

Unforgettable love.

I want a love where there is no squishing,

No silencing.

A love so free,

With no jealousy.

Were I know you need to live your life to the fullest,

And we are both aware, humans can get claustrophobic.

A love so big that we encourage each other through absolutely everything.

Where we call each other out on our bullshit.

Where there is no altering of each other's paths.

Where it is hard leave each other but we do anyway.

A love so massive,

But the trust is just as big.

A relationship so strong, you won’t buy flowers,

Because flowers are meant to be watered, not plucked and left to die.

A love so powerful that we don’t need to prove it to anyone else.

A silent devotion,

A passion so strong.

Where we can pick ourselves up,

And not constantly rely on each other.

But help guide each other through the lot.

Where my jaw drops at our possibilities.

With sex so good, the orgasms are full body, mind and soul.

Where forgiveness never ends,

But the respect is high.

Where our eyes mirror each other,

And our biggest fears.

Where we admit we are both been hurt before,

And can communicate freely.

Where we both make a conscious daily decision to love each other with every new day.

No matter what, being beside each other or apart.

And we don’t try and be perfect,

Accepting both of our perfect imperfections,

Where we don't complete each other,

Because we know we are both responsible for our own happiness.

Our adventures are endless,

Nothing has boundaries.

Where you be the masculine man you need to be,

And I can be the feminine goddess I know I am.

Where we let each other feel the emotions we are feeling.

Doing things for each other without wanting anything in return.

Walking each other home hand in hand.

Love is everywhere, in nature, in the sky, in the storm, in animals, in a rainbow, in a yoga class, in a friend, in a book, in a complete stranger walking down the street. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and is potentially everywhere you choose to see it.

I refuse to settle, I refuse to believe this type of love doesn’t exist for me or for anyone else for that matter. I will remain single for the rest of this life if it means I don’t get this type of love. I'll settle for nothing less than what I deserve. Because I know this life is not the be all end all, I’ll meet you in the great beyond, or maybe in the next life, or in the next.


Because I have one hundred percent faith in love.

Because we are love already without anyone else.

Because I am the love story with or without someone else.