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Heart Beating into Uncertainty

Leaps into uncertainty can be really challenging and daunting especially when it comes to making changes, decisions or jumping on an opportunity. It can be hard to let go and put trust in the universe and in the signs being provided. It is said that accepting uncertainty brings loads of internal growth and that is where shifts then start to happen, which then frees things up and makes way for what is actually meant for you. When unpredictability and the unknown can be embraced eventually there there will come a time, whether that be days or weeks later, where the fear or obstacle has dissipated, or you realise how to get around them, then .... half the battle is already over.

Trusting intuition. This might mean doing something that involves taking a risk that could potentially benefit you. There is always something to learn with any experience even if it is labeled it as ‘bad’ in the beginning, with time and in the future it will become clear as it being apart of the required journey. It is easier sometimes to take the pathed path, and to avoid the stuff that could encourage self growth and learning and to stick to normal habits. Previous pains, thoughts in general (unworthiness for example), common fears, ‘what if’s’ and the opinions of others will sometimes try and take over. Remembering to always take what you feel is beneficial from what others are saying or judging, these things will always naturally surface which can alter and hinder a decision. Taking time to breath into the feeling for you and you alone, having complete faith in the process...

That…. Could be where the magic begins… 💦 💧 🌊