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Fuck Feelings?

Fuck feelings. 

You know how many times I hear this or see this as a quote online. 

Look i’ve been there, I used to say it a million times myself. You were born to feel… If you didn’t feel you would be dead. To feel something is a sign of life not frailty. I believe you cannot love another fully unless you are ready to hurt again, unless those walls stay lowered, or get lowered down again. It’s a really scary thing being vulnerable but that's the beauty of love, your heart never stops beating, beating love constantly, and sometimes you have to remind yourself to get back to that. 

One of the worst things we can do is harden our heart after getting hurt, i’m not talking only in romantic love either, friends, family can hurt us. Pain is subjective to the individual, sometimes you might not even realise how much you actually hurt another person. I get it everyone deals with pain different, it is easier said than done. It might only be a lesson that I had to learn, it also might be an lesson learnt with age. And yes these things take time to heal, grief never really leaves us but time combined with the beating love of your own heart helps heal us and deal with things differently. One day you just wake up and your heart doesn’t ache as much anymore. 

Pain is useful, it is all lessons and learning. Instead of trying to suppress the hurt, deal with it. Let yourself feel what you are meant to feel, so that you can move on and so that you don’t keep attracting the same people, but in different shells. Ever noticed that? (Que Usher music here) Accept that you aren’t perfect, that they are not perfect, because no one is 100% perfect. Have a think about what you learnt, about what they taught you and be grateful. Thankful that the universe, conspired with all the millions of people on this earth for you and that person to meet. Send them love and light, even if you think they don’t deserve it. Even if you don’t do it for them but for yourself, because it feels a shit load better than hating and resentment. 

The laws of karma suggest that what you put out you get back, so thinking ill of someone else is only going to return to you. As soon as you realise that if that person (lets call them Gary) hadn’t of ‘hurt’ you the way they did, you would have attracted a different person, (Say, Barry). that would have done the exact same thing, because it’s a lesson, and you are going to keep attracting Bazzas and Gazzas until the lesson is learnt. So holding hate for that particular human (Baz & or Gaz) is pointless. It is said that the broken hearts, break hearts, so wouldn't you rather heal and love yourself first?

Yes it hurts, like I know you feel that shit, everywhere. Embrace it, don’t fight it and then let that shit go. If you don’t you will carry that weight, for a very long time. On a slightly different note, always tell someone how you feel with lovers, friends, family, opportune moments can be lost in an instant, regret lasts a lifetime, it helps the healing process so you can move on, not communicating is a form of suppression. Speak your truth, ALWAYS. 

So no, don’t fuck feelings, fuck a new person. Or exercise whichever is good. You do you!

Feel more not less !! Luck, love and light.

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