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Feeling the Feels

 In a world where we're losing heart & soul communication, where a relationship can be formed and based on snapchat, where we are too busy looking at our phones than in each others eyes. Where in most cases it is hard for people to start a conversation on the street but it is easier to Facebook inbox a complete stranger, where there are so many people together that aren't in love and people that aren't together, that are in love.
Please be aware this is not having a go at social media, there are a lot of good and some bad that come along with it, this is more about how people are struggling to communicate but we can look at our phones for 10 hours straight.
So ... Does a lot of it all come down to communication?
Why is it so hard to tell someone else that we like them, or tell them that we don’t like them enough, why is it so hard to tell someone if we feel like they have hurt us?

Is it a fear of feeling vulnerable, weak and emotional or a fear of being perceived as that from the other end? Or is it that we are afraid of hurting the other person's feelings?
And yes, I am going to tell you why I think it is so hard, because to cut and run, to not talk to someone, suppressing emotions is the ‘easier’ way out. With any type of relationship, friends, lovers, ex-lovers, family members: it hurts to admit what you’ve seen in them potentially was a reflection of yourself, or that you fucked up, or that you've been broken before & you've afraid to be hurt again.
If we've been through that pain before & come through the other end, stronger, hopefully learnt the lessons we were meant to learn, like we got through it, with a little emotional scar or band aid here and there, but essentially, stronger. What is so bad about wanting to feel that again? With anything, who cares if you get your hopes up just to get let down, that's life. You cry and get angry about it, you feel the emotions you are meant to then you move the fuck on. If it is meant to be it will be. What if you get your hopes up and what you are thinking about actually manifests, that's the kicker right there.

You know what feels better than regret, what ifs, the weight of hurt on your shoulders? Actually sucking up your pride, taking a bruise to the ego, forgetting about yourself for one second and, communicate. Take the time to show you actually care & respect yourself and the other person enough to lower your walls and have a confronting, honest, adult conversation. Even to admit you don't feel the same way as they do. Say you are sorry, admit it was all too much, say the timing is wrong. The easy way out is to cut & run or drink away your sorrows to try forget things (as an example), doing more emotional damage to yourself & others as a ricochet effect.

“Broken hearts, break hearts”

We all have our own values and visuals and I understand that it is legit impossible to feel something the way someone else does, but, if we all took a moment to actually try put ourselves in someone else's shoes for a second, maybe we could have a chance at least to understand where they are coming from instead of judging, disrespecting the way they feel and/or shutting them down. I long for a world where emotions are expressed and received and we can all communicate freely.

Anyway, all I know is that we can only meet someone else as far as we've met ourselves and I know that I’m far from perfect myself, but we need to start expressing how we actually feel. Talk to people about your childhood, talk to your friends or family about your hurt, we have heard it before: "it ain't weak to speak".
Between what is said and what is not said, relationships, friendships or love, is lost

If we don't start a shift/change within this society on how we deal with our emotions and communicate more, we are all going to be a bunch of fucking lifeless, emotionless zombies obsessed with nothing else but our phones.
To feel something is a sign of life not of frailty.

"You aren't scared of heights, you are scared of falling."