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Some time ago I made a decision to TRY & live my life without 'what ifs' & practicing the art of detachment. I read some stuff about decluttering your life.

So like the book suggested, I started with my bedside tables & my room, what was eating away at my subconscious mind whilst I slept. Diaries-burnt. Paperwork from years ago, from companies I wasn't even with anymore - be gone; just the beginning.

Then clothes, clothes that when I actually looked, I knew I would never wear or never fit into again. No longer living with a 'what if' when it came to their sizing or items with the price tag still on from ages ago.

A couple of months ago I get my lease renewal & knowing I needed to downsize, I didn't resign. I then started to get serious and actually look at what I had & what I wanted to take with me. I then moved onto general household items, giving away stuff that unknowingly/subconsciously brought back memories for me, of things I no longer needed to remember potentially on a daily basis.

Why did I need 4 fruit bowls? Why did I carry around bottles of perfume from when I was 18, some even empty? Jewellery that I didn't like, something that might go with an outfit, one day- see ya. Why did I have 4 expensive wine glasses from 7 years ago that I had actually never used once?

Was I holding onto the people these things reminded me of? Dunno. All I know is that I became addicted with getting rid of 'things' and the freeing feeling that come with it. Hardest bit, books. I decided it was time, knowing I will potentially never read them again anyway. Giving it all to people that will actually love & benefit from them.

Did I need to put up this post with this story? Probably not but what if it helps one other person.

Is there a lot of emotions that surface when you shift around your house. Yup.

Does giving away my belongings make me forget memories? Nope, anything can trigger a memory, so why was I holding onto these materialistic items? Like 50% of my belongings gone, making room for a long term dream/goal.

Clutter in your house is clutter in your mind

Once you need less you will have more