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Children aren't here to fit into our world

I was at the beach with some friends yesterday and I watched my son run full pelt down the beach, see a jet ski near the shore, yell out  “Don’t trip over” so loudly people in Antartica would have heard him. Then legit watched him trip the fuck over the rope that was anchoring the jet ski to the beach and go head first into the sand. After laughing for 10 minutes and gasping for air to be able to ask if he was even ok (he was and was laughing.) I think to myself for the hundredth time “this kid is fucking wild” like honestly, just another thing to add to the collection. He has that many bruises and cuts on him he looks like his had a fight with Cat Boy, that purple Wiggle, Princess Hollie, all at the same time and won. It was just after that I had this moment, children aren’t here to fit into our visuals, beliefs or four walls. They aren't meant to sit down, shut up, be squeaky clean and quiet or squeeze into our time frames that we have created. They are here to change shit, to impact everything, shake us up and repair society as we know it. Everything we know now will change completely because of the children in our lives, the future researchers and scientists, the artists and musicians, the builders. There are going to be jobs in the future that we can't even imagine right now and, they are it.

They will be inquisitive, they will question everything, because just like the generation before us and what we are currently doing ourselves, they are here to change everything. They are going to flip it over, turn it around, rotate it left 3 times cut Dora the Explorer off air time and find a better solution. As hard as it is for me to watch this beautiful crazy creation go into the day doing the things he needs to do in order to learn the things his required, in the time frame he wishes. I know that he is meant to get dirty, play, express himself the way he desires, to talk, cry, laugh, fall over and then when needed I’m here to clean, appreciate, feed, guide, listen, kiss, cuddle, protect and support him.

Children really do teach and remind us so much about life. It can be so easy to get caught up in the adult world that I forget how much I’m actually learning from this little shit. As exhausting as he can be sometimes, he reminds me the importance of innocence and how to get back to my inner child. In between compromising to get him to eat his dinner for the 20th time in 45 minutes and fighting over the fact he doesn’t want to wear shoes again, I get brought back to the simple things in life. Like building sand castles, throwing sticks into the river together and getting flogged in uno. I’m constantly reminded of imagination, how to slow down and listen to everything and that we really do learn something new every day if we are open enough to it. They watch, they copy, they learn, it is said the way we speak to them becomes their inner voice. I often wonder what is he hearing and seeing?

Children aren't meant to fit into our world, they are here to save it. I mean my kid is currently on the toilet singing “doing a poo, doing a poo” while playing with a wooden airplane. But maybe one day he will be a pilot? Maybe not a surf lifeguard, but who knows.

To the next generation, to the future, respect and unconditional love, stay wild little peoples.

Comment your learning experience below.

My son, you absolute crazy wild gremlin creation - my reminder every single day of love and art, that love and art are life. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

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